Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nesta USA - ShoutOut

Another great Etsy seller who's goods are gracing my loft - is Nesta USA. This artist is newly jobless, and taking advantage of this opportunity to create! Please visit her blog to learn more about her.

Her work is fresh. Her photography is incredible. I have a couple of the cards, which I've framed and hung up. They are THAT yummy!!! She ships quickly, and everything is well packaged. The craftmanship of her work is very very very well done. She has metal work, candles, prints, notecards, tee shirts and even homemade coloring books, which I think are wonderful for any indie munchkins out there!

I am a major addict of anything star shaped. That's what initially drew me to Nesta USA's Etsy shop. Check out this pic, as a mere temptation of her work. I'm going to be a repeat customer.

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