Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm back home!

Wow - We are home. Mom and I got back from CTCA around 11:30 pm last night, after a morning appointment with a naturopath and a physical therapy appointment. On Thursday, we learned that my tumor is early stage, nuclear grade 1. So - it is treatable. The plan is to have a D & C surgery at KU Med Cancer Center. I will then follow-up in May at CTCA.

I learned a great deal about supplements, diet and exercise (something this fat chick doesn't do to much of currently). We went to Target today to pick up some of the supplements and a juicer. These were prescribed by the naturopath. I believe in it. I can help my body kill the cancer cells and release the estrogen which is feeding the tumor.

I can do it. With the help and prayers of my friends. . .thank you all.


Carolyn said...

Good to see you are back home safely ! And your tumour is treatable - at least some good news for you .

I am posting your OWOH collage win for you today ! Please let me know you receive it ok !
Thanks !

Micki said...

Glad that you are home and will be able to join us for the retreat!!!