Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The C Word update – and an artful weekend recap

I spent yesterday, Monday, February 25, 2008 – completing my pre-op evaluation clinic at KU Med. I'm having surgery tomorrow for my cancer. I'm confident and scared – all at once. I wish I were more relaxed, like Jasper is in this picture!

I spent the weekend at the Paper Pixie Midwinter's Fantasy Scrapbooking retreat. What fun!

For anyone wanting some simply superb scrapbooking kits - check out the Paper Pixie site - Sara has a great eye for color, pattern, and puts together some kick-a** kits!

The insanely fabulous Vicki Chrisman taught some classes. I met my first scrapbooking celeb!!! She's so real, down to earth. And- I saw her without makeup! J

I completed several pages, in addition to the make and takes, and Vicki's projects. The best part – I made some new friends, who are great artists and scrapbookers.


Amber said...

Theresa, I'm praying for you today as you are undergoing your surgery. May God guide the hands of the doctors and may you have the speediest of recoveries. May you be healed from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet.

eversodear said...

Hi Theresa, I'm praying for you as well. Amber from "Jewels from Junk" asked us to pray for you & I'm so glad she did. You are not going through this alone!
I'm praying for your healing & for you to feel the Lord holding you & caring for you!

kathleen knitblitz said...

Theresa, praying your surgery went smooth and you're feeling well! Amber told us about you and Amber rocks! Your blog is great!

Me said...

It was great spending the weekend with you and you'll be in my thoughts tomorrow!


Micki said...

Wondering just how you are doing and hoping that things went well yesterday!