Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jewels From Junk - ShoutOut

I was recently blessed to meet an Etsy seller named Amber, who runs the JewelsFromJunk shop. I found her via a forum posting, where she was asking opinions about upcycled artist canvases she was creating from upcycled fabric and picture frames.

This appealed to me on many levels, as it part of the reuse, repurpose, recycle mantra. Amber worked with me, via Etsy convos to create a custom listing of 5 of her artist canvas frames. I specified what dimensions I wanted as well as the weight of the fabric I needed. She also helped me think thru the orientation of the canvases, as she place the sawtooth picture frame hanger thingie on them for me. Me and a hammer and a little nail - not such a pretty thing.

I've started working on one of the canvases. It took acrylic paint very well, I probably should have gessoed it first - but I just started in with some manila colored acrylic paint. My next layer was some old dress patters, that I put down with gel medium. I'm still deciding on the next layer! I tend to work in layers, I'd never make it as a production artist.

I'm a HUGE fan of upcycling, whether it's felting old wool sweaters, to repurposing old frames and fabric. Jewels From Junk does a GREAT job to helping me be a *green* artist. Please visit her shop - she has lots of vintage finds, altered art supplies, and some beautiful jewelry.


deb said...

I love her shop too!

Amber said...

Thanks Deb!
Theresa, I just can't wait to see what you do next! Don't keep us waiting toooo long!
Prayers for you always, your Friend,