Monday, February 4, 2008

Flutterby Popcorn – ShoutOut

I purchased some popcorn from Beki, over at the Flutterby Popocorn shop on Etsy. I ordered a variety of flavors, from Cheesy Cajun to Carnilla. Oh my gosh – the Carnilla is so stickaliciously wonderful – it is beyond words. It is Carmel with a hint of vanilla. You seriously can't go wrong with that. I find some caramel popcorn to be too sweet – not the case with Flutterby.

The White Cheddar is among the best I've had, pure cheeziness goodness. And I'm a fat chick who knows her popcorn! Beki ships quickly, with a yummalicious product. She tucked in an extra yummie, which only makes her even greater!


GreenSpaceGoods said...

Oooo..sounds yummy! We're a little popcorn nuts around here. Michael (my other half) makes up all kinds of new flavors like "lime butter popcorn with jerk seasoning"- fabulous by the way. I tease him that he should be a street vendor selling his popcorn :)

Spa Therapy Works said...

Really? That's for pointing out her shop! Sounds delicious!!!