Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Two Days at the CTCA

I'm at the Cancer Treatment Center of America now. We arrived on Sunday, February 10. I drove up - it took about 8 hours, but we arrived safely.

My first day was filled with tests, physical, labs, consults. Today I've had a scan and am scheduled for two consultations, one with a nutritionist and one with a naturopath. I'm feeling very good about this place. They definately care about the whole person!

I'll have to post a pic my Mom took with my digital camera, on the way up here. . .her first pic using a digital. :) GO MOM!


Lesley said...

I am so happy to hear an update and that things are "feeling" positive. I hope the consults went well. You didn't mention what the subject of your mom's photo was. Inquiring minds want to know! You knwo me -- ever inquiring. Take care.

Amber said...

I'm with you in prayer honey! I too have a good positive feeling for you! Hey and yeah, inquiring minds want to know! Don't leave us out here with no pic! Did you decide what your 3rd layer will be on your canvas? Nosey, aren't we?
God Bless-

Sara said...

I'm so glad I checked in over here.. we're worried about you, girl! Everyone's asking about you. Hope things are looking up - you're in good hands. Keep us posted. :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Theresa !

Just thought i would let you know , you have won my One World One Heart Giveaway !
Please email me your address , so i can post it to you ! It`s on my profile page - and congratulations !!
And i hope the tests are going well !

Micki said...

Glad to hear that things are progressing. Thoughts are with you!

Sultrydayinne said...

I hope everything goes well. My prayers are with you. Ken