Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lazy Blog-Babe Is Moi

I've been a lazy blog-babe this week. I had the realization that I titled my blog "mixed media explorations" -- and have focused more on ME and my health than my art. One of my resolutions this year was to blog more. So – I started up with it. 10 days later – is when I found out I had cancer. It has consumed my thinking for a while. I've been doing some scrapbooking, which is a good way to relax after working all day on the computer (for my *real* job). I have that canvas I started – but haven't finished – I did buy some beeswax for it though – if you can count that as progress.

Louis and I had a move today, with our moving business. I had to leave 3 times to go pee!!!! I've been taking my supplements the CTCA naturopath prescribed, with lots of water and green tea – and one of the side effects – is pee'ing all the time. Aren't you glad I shared!?!?!?!

I'm headed to Des Moines for the *real* job this next week, just staying over Tuesday evening, due to travel budget constraints. Let's hope the weather is decent.

My good friend, Lesley – who has the most beautiful son in the world – sent me an email, sharing his 3rd birthday pictures. That made my morning. His eyes are so bright. So shining. So filled with love. Thanks, L. I MISS YOU!!!!


Lesley said...

Ted just said I am now famous for being mentioned on your blog. Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the pictures. A few comments – 1) blog what you want to blog about, don’t worry too much about the original intention, there is nothing wrong with metamorphosis. 2) I didn’t know you were this artsy and man, I want to see pictures. 3) What the heck are you using beeswax for? Educate me – please.

Tze's Mixed Media Design - a fat chick's explorations said...

You ARE famous, Ms. L. Famous for reminding me to be myself. I thinking living in the loft - brought out my artsy side again. When I was young - I was very arty/creative. Then - for many years - I stopped creating. Now - I'm back. My Mom is so happy that I am creating again. She has been very encouraging. I'll take some pics of my stuff!

Beeswax is used to adhere, and coat artwork. The term is "encaustic" art. It smells divine, and adds this warm, vintagy feel to whatever you are using it on.

Sara said...

Dude. Love that you shared your pee-ing adventures. Seriously. :)