Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can’t sleep. .. how do you shut your mind off?

Ugh. . .what a day. I can't sleep. It's almost 1 am. . .and my mind won't shut off. I went to the oncologist today - I'm healing well. . .but - the pathology report - tells us that my cancer was a nuclear grade 2, rather than grade 1, as the biopsy had indicated. Why is that scaring me so?

She (oncologist) - put me on Aromasin, to help with the systemic elimination of estrogen (one of the side effects is mood swings! - joy joy). I'll have another MRI, CT and surgery in late May. . . .



Amber said...

Hi sweetie! Just checking in on you and praying for your complete healing! Amber

Sara said...

Hey Theresa.. we're worried about you. Missed you at the crop. Hope everything's ok..